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Rocky put it best: "She’s got gaps, I’ve got gaps. Together, we fill gaps."

That line is so true. Day after day, production after production and shoot after shoot, we find ourselves developing well rounded content that is the culmination of two different, but cooperative minds.


We are a husband and wife photography team and this is our story:

"I want quality!"


I want the quality of the image to take center stage. Lighting, framing, composition, movement and depth are so important to the final image. My goal is to design a shot that is visually captivating.

"I want that perfect moment!"


I want to see my nephew at his most gut-bustiest moment when his mom tickles him. The actual moment and its true emotion is the key to a great shot. My goal is to never miss an opportunity and deliver that perfect moment! 


This is how it goes with us. I strive to capture a great shot and she strives to capture a great moment. Guess who wins?

You Do!!

To this day, our primary focus while taking your photo is to capture that perfect moment. We also strive to provide you with an image that represents your best and most honest self! We want to deliver you that perfect moment captured on film, but it just so happens you can also print it at 30x40 to sit gorgeously above your mantle.

We love to materialize those special moments and share lasting memories through our visual medium.. 

Life is all about connections. 

Studio Denaro Photography

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