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Ava Jean Newborn

This was a newborn session with a lifestyle vibe to it. Jenn and Eric wanted to capture a little slice of their life to look back on and remember just as it was. We had the opportunity to explore their space and find interesting angles and poses to preserve the memory of their first little one.

We started the session with the whole family snuggling together like a lazy Sunday afternoon. We like to start our sessions wide. This gives us a view for what’s really going on. It helps set the scene. Then, we dive in closer and closer.

We kept shooting, adapting and seeking out the best angles to showcase her little spirit.

Ava Jean was amazing. She cried once -as we were leaving! I guess the 4-hour session wasn’t enough for her.

Even though spaces got a little tight with three lights, a space heater, camera gear and four adults in a room, everyone gave us their best. You could truly see the love in Jenn and Eric's eyes when they gazed down upon their new special someone.

Our newborn sessions are always a journey. We never know where the nugget is going to take us. We encourage mamas to feed their babies well. A well-fed baby promptly “zonks” out and is much easier to pose and photograph. We also bring a space heater and turn the room into a pseudo sauna in hopes that the baby will feel comfortable when nude. We can plan all we want, but in the moment we are at the mercy of the newborn.

We had a final shot in mind and although Ava Jean resisted, we finally were able to pound it goodbye.

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