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"Golden" Hour

This one’s for the dogs. Shooting animals, especially cantankerous canines, is always a challenge. Like a newborn, you kind of just have to wait and let them show you their personality on their own time.

We basically just went outside and hung sat in the grass for a while. We tried to tire them out with stick throwing and vigorous belly rubs, but these boisterous brutes were unbreakable. They never seemed to stop moving. Every time the camera would even get close to their height, it was in danger of being licked, chewed or carried away in a slobbery mouth.

Not only did we have to wrangle each wild wit, but we had to make sure the flash was properly positioned to fill in the shadows and make our models sparkle like the dogs they know they are. That didn’t always work, however.

Guess how many blurry photos? Just guess… Thank goodness we don’t shoot on film. In the end, it was a numbers game. We had to shoot a total of 464 photos, but once every 10-15 camera snaps we snagged one of these gems:

Couldn’t be happier.

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