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Michelle and her Two Suns (Maybe Three)

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

We believe it's called Dame's Rocket. Correct us if we're misguided.

This session began with a debate over what constitutes a weed vs. a plant. We had noticed these purple flowers popping up on the sides of the roads, in our gardens and all over the local parks. When large fields of them sprouted and then released their violet goodness, the world reflected just a little bit more beauty. So, despite the possible stigma of being associated with such a voracious weed, we decided to incorporate this purple hue into the session.

Michelle had the perfect dress to flow with the scenery so we knew we had to schedule something quick before the bloom faded.

Our first location found us nestled against a large patch of flowers with the sun slowly setting in the back. Periodically, the sun would slide behind a tree branch and we would lose our golden hair-light. Nothing our flash system and color gels couldn’t handle! #fakesun

The hooligans

We were just wrapping up the first location when out of the woods clambered two hooligans who thought it funny to strike an appropriate pose. I guess you'd call it #foodbaby

We left the boys and set off for location number two with grandeur in our sights. The sun was getting lower and lower and it turned out to be a race against the light. Luckily, we had picked a location behind Michelle’s childhood home. This added a sentimental element to the images as well as a built in babysitter grandma until we had our new set built and ready to start shooting.

Out came two-year-old Lucas and we immediately started snapping away. Ask anybody in the life of a youngster and they will tell you about their attention span. Lucas was no exception. The action was simple enough.

“Hug mamma’s belly, Lucas.”

We got maybe one decent hug with this direction. The success of the rest of the session was up to our ability to entertain that whimsical child mind.

What really seemed to work was a trade deal. He got to hold the “big camera” and shoot a few shots of mommy in exchange for a few shots of him and mommy doing what they were told. #barganingpower

Lucas cooperated like a champ and only the waning sun and dropping temperatures got him in the end.

It was so fun to explore a space we frequent often with a new set of "photo eyes" and practice child wrangling techniques to execute a great photo session.

#BTW A weed is simply a plant that grows where you don't want it. Change your perception and a weed ceases to be so.

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