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Our Process

"The goal of our process is to deliver you and/or your family

great images, great wall art and a great experience  -every time."

Using a Touch Phone

Drop us a call, text, email, poke, like, WUPHF…etc. Check out our Facebook page or other reviews and you’ll see, we respond quickly.

When we first talk, it’s good for us to get information from you like:

  • Who needs pictures?

  • What kind of images are you looking for?

  • Generally, what themes/moods/looks are you interested in?

No worries if you have no idea. That's what we are here for! The next step is our sit-down meeting where we hash everything out.

Fist Pound

Meet n' Greet

We like to schedule a meeting before each client's shooting day to go over the specifics of their session. This meeting can be so, so important to the flow of the upcoming session. If you’re interested in a family session, we recommend having everyone there for the beginning of the meeting. The more familiar the little ones are with our team, the more comfortable they’ll be during the session.

The meet n' greet is about getting to know everyone, but we also go over:

  • Wardrobe & accessories

  • Location

  • Lighting

  • Posing

now, it's time for your session!

Check out the Pre-Session Checklist to help you prepare.


The Session

Our productions may be different from something you’ve experienced before. We get the best moments from our sessions when they are centered around something that makes you comfortable, at peace and ready to show your best self.

"Our sessions are about DOING, not posing."

Sometimes your session can look like a hollywood set with large lights and assistants running around, and sometimes the process is very simple and naturally lit. It all depends on the look you desire. We're here to serve and deliver you the images you've always wanted!

pics on the wall web5.jpg


After your session, we enter the post-processing and delivery process. We take meticulous care in processing your images to ensure we showcase you and/or your family in the best light possible.


We will guide you through printing, framing and display design as well. Our favorite part of our job is when we get to show you a large print of your favorite image. this is when the process goes from just a concept to a work of art -your work of art!


In this digital age, the art of printing has taken a back seat to online viewing. when we first started in this business, we were primarily dealing with digital images as our deliverables, but after seeing the glory of printing, we are complete fans of this workflow. we look forward to sharing this experience with you. We literally can't wait!

We are truly super excited to get to know you!

Contact us for pricing and more information.

Studio Denaro Photography

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